My name is Ashli Sacramento I am the owner of Isadora Photography. Located in Clear Lake/ Houston TX. I am the mother of two amazing toddlers! And I've been blessed with three amazing bonus babies! My husband is the greatest! We met while we were in the US Army! We have grown into this amazing blended family! I received a bachelor's in Fine Art majoring in Photography, in 2014. I found out I was pregnant in 2014 and one of my doula friends recommend, I try to photograph a birth. I had no clue what to even expect. I was captivated by the strength of this mother! I was shocked because not only was it the first birth I ever witnessed but it was a homebirth!!! I learned a ton that day about my abilities and what it meant to create a life. When I had my first born my birth photographer was a no show!!! I was so disappointed. I knew that my next birth would be different and it was! We hired a professional! She did a fantastic job! When I received my gallery I knew that was it! This feeling I had, I wanted to give it to the world! So ever since, I have been growing and perfecting my craft. I have attended the "off Call" retreat. I have built many relationships with other local birth photographers and keep pushing for more growth.