We want to make sure that expectant moms have a safe and reliable place to choose a photographer that will best meet their needs to capture their birth story. Although we are all independently operated, all of our members operate under by laws that were created to make sure that you are getting the most professional experience. These by laws guarantee that while birth is unpredictable, our services are not. By collaborating together we stay up to date on policies and experiences in hospitals and birthing centers. By choosing a photographer from our listing you will make sure that your birth will be covered no matter what emergencies arise or whether you deliver outside your on-call period. As mentioned before, birth is unpredictable, but we lean on each other as back-ups in case your original photographer has something come up that prevents them from attending your birth. We realize that choosing to hire a birth photographer can be an investment, so we have created this association to make sure your investment is protected.

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